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Hello everyone!

Here is my fantastic book!

It is not just a recipe book.
It is not just a novel.
It is not just Naples.
It’s not just Anita.
It is also a confrontation between two cultures, Italian and Norwegian, almost always cheerful and sometimes serious.
Two languages in the same text: united, even in the materiality of the book, albeit different!
I am really satisfied and happy with the result, so I take the freedom of recommending it to you!

The purpose of my book is to introduce you to Naples and to tell you about me through food.
It is important to know that it is not just a Neapolitan recipe book, because it is not enough that I give you my recipes to let you prepare a well-made dish, but it is necessary to get to know Naples and its traditions in a deeper way in order to really make the difference!
The food is an expression of the culture of the place it belongs to, for this reason, once you have acquired a knowledge of Naples, even a simple dish of “spaghetti c’ ‘a pummarola” will certainly taste better!

The narrative device of my book consists of the trip to Naples of my Norwegian friend Harald, who thinks he arrived in the city only for a cooking class but, walking through the alleys of Naples and getting to know the Neapolitans, he will realize that his travel is more than just pasta and pizza.

This is the structure of the book:

– Mirrored-written foreword and introduction, Norwegian and Italian.
– Narrative part in Norwegian.
– Mirrored-written recipes, Norwegian and Italian.
These are not simple recipes but fictional too because are about the dialogues of my cooking class with Harald: I explain the ingredients and procedures but also the history behind the recipe or anecdotes of my Neapolitan life related to it.
– Narrative part in Italian.

The pictures of the two narrative parts are different, so I suggest you as you read a chapter, to also have a look to the pictures of the corresponding chapter in the other language.
Furthermore, I advise you not to read and experiment the recipes without first reading the narrative part, because is the feeling you will get after have been reading it that will make you desire to prepare some great food, just following the recipes that Harald himself cooks or eats in Naples with me. My tale will let you want to get up, cook and eat!

Buon matreise e buon appetito!


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