From Napoli with love

Hello! I’m Anita, I was born in the sun of Naples and have been living in Oslo since 2019.

Mine has been a family of pastry chefs for four generations; I grew up between doughs and creams, I have always been in the family workshop since I was a child: I buried my hands in the dough, observing and imitating the gestures of my parents and my seven brothers, smelling the scents and learning the different fragrances and textures.

At the same time I studied a lot and worked as a lawyer for about 15 years. Yet I have always participated in the family business, which was quite natural for me because it was the normal course of family life.

And then what was born in Naples with Barriciello (this is the name of the historic pastry shop founded by my grandparents in 1917) began to take place in Norway, because I wanted to realize my dream of moving to Northern Europe, also driven by my bitter disillusionment about Italian justice system.

So I left for Oslo, taking only my elderly kitten with me and I opened a pastry and Italian kitchen (especially Neapolitan). Thus was born “Søtt og Salt av Anita Taglialatela”, which is having success both in the Italian community and among Norwegians and other gluttons.


Traditions throught the food

I had the opportunity to collaborate several times with the Italian Embassy in Oslo and with the Italian Cultural Institute, participating with its activities in spreading Italian culture in Norway.

I always like to underline that “food must not be considered only as a delight for the palate but also as an expression of the traditions of the place from which the food comes”

For this reason I have also written a book in two languages, Italian and Norwegian, unique of its kind, in which I describe some Neapolitan recipes also telling their story and the curiosities of my Neapolitan life related to these recipes. The title of the book is En matreise gjennom Napoli – Partenope incanta la Norvegia. This book is also a novel. It tells of the culinary journey to Naples of my imaginary Norwegian friend Harald and thus also describes my life choices and highlights, in a nice and light way, the great cultural differences between the Neapolitans and the Nordic peoples.

What makes me happy is being told “thank you Anita, because with your productions and your book you bring us back home every time!”.

NAPLES, ITALY - 7 JUNE 2018: (L-R) Sisters Anita and Lucia Tagliatela prepare amarena cookies here at Pasticcielo, a bakery in Naples, Italy, on June 7th 2018.

Pasticciello was founded 34 years ago by Lucia Tagliatela.
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