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En matreise gjennom Napoli – Partenope incanta la Norvegia



Harald’s trip to Naples with Anita is a fantastic embrace between Norwegian culture and Italian culture, which in the book are continually confronted with that pleasant panache typical of a trip between friends. And also the choice of the double language in the same volume imprints a seal of unity despite the differences. Anita expresses the most authentic heart of the Neapolitan people: the enthusiasm of her descriptions will make you dream walks through the alleys of this magical city and the suggestions of Marianne’s photographs will make you taste the dishes explained in the recipes in a very special way…

– From the back cover of “En matreise gjennom Napoli – Partenope incanta la Norvegia”

2023 award – This book is APPROVED by the Italian Food Embassy for respecting culinary and cultural standards.

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Hello everyone!

Here is my fantastic book!

It is not just a recipe book.
It is not just a novel.
It is not just Naples.
It’s not just Anita.
It is also a confrontation between two cultures, Italian and Norwegian, almost always cheerful and sometimes serious.
Two languages in the same text: united, even in the materiality of the book, albeit different!
I am really satisfied and happy with the result, so I take the freedom of recommending it to you!

The purpose of my book is to introduce you to Naples and to tell you about me through food.
It is important to know that it is not just a Neapolitan recipe book, because it is not enough that I give you my recipes to let you prepare a well-made dish, but it is necessary to get to know Naples and its traditions in a deeper way in order to really make the difference!
The food is an expression of the culture of the place it belongs to, for this reason, once you have acquired a knowledge of Naples, even a simple dish of “spaghetti c’ ‘a pummarola” will certainly taste better!

The narrative device of my book consists of the trip to Naples of my Norwegian friend Harald, who thinks he arrived in the city only for a cooking class but, walking through the alleys of Naples and getting to know the Neapolitans, he will realize that his travel is more than just pasta and pizza.

This is the structure of the book:

– Mirrored-written foreword and introduction, Norwegian and Italian.
– Narrative part in Norwegian.
– Mirrored-written recipes, Norwegian and Italian.
These are not simple recipes but fictional too because are about the dialogues of my cooking class with Harald: I explain the ingredients and procedures but also the history behind the recipe or anecdotes of my Neapolitan life related to it.
– Narrative part in Italian.

The pictures of the two narrative parts are different, so I suggest you as you read a chapter, to also have a look to the pictures of the corresponding chapter in the other language.
Furthermore, I advise you not to read and experiment the recipes without first reading the narrative part, because is the feeling you will get after have been reading it that will make you desire to prepare some great food, just following the recipes that Harald himself cooks or eats in Naples with me. My tale will let you want to get up, cook and eat!

Buon matreise e buon appetito!


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Affascinante e reale, letto tutto di un fiato!!


Non sono una lettrice per il poco tempo che ho! Questo libro che mi è stato regalato con affetto l’ho letto tutto d’un fiato!! È realistico, saporito e pieno di cultura e tradizione! Nonostante sono napoletana mi ha affascinato nei racconti e conversazioni fatte tra i due amici tanto da farmi immedisimare nel racconto stesso, tanto da non riuscire a staccarmi dal leggerlo! Complimenti Anita tra cultura tradizione e cucina mi hai fatto consolare. 😘




Napoli, i suoi sapori, il suo calore, la sua unicità raccolti in un libro! Anita e Harald ci accompagnano in un viaggio emozionante attraverso una città che è un luogo dell‘anima. Da scoprire e sopratutto da gustare.


Fantastisk smak av Napoli


Denne boken fikk meg til å ville reise til Napoli! Den er meget godt skrevet, det er både en historiebok, en kokebok, en reisebok.

Kjøp den for deg og gi den i gave!


Really interesting and well designed


This is not a classic, standard recipes book. This is a trip across a tremendous change in life of a passionate person who looks every day for new challenges.

The recipes shows the story and the traditions of one of the most beautiful and lovely city of Italy. And the reader can feel the love of Anita for her home city and also for her new life.

I love that!


Unmissable book!


It must have been challenging to guide Harald, coming from a country where everything is arranged logically and comprehensibly (Norway), through the Neapolitan glorious confusion and irresistible disorder, but the author did it with a grace that only a talented person like herself could. Naples awakens Harald’s senses and he only has to look around to get a feeling of amazement. What a magical experience for him! His great adventure has led me back home (I am from Naples too!) and I have longed to be transported into that magnificent landscape, among those super friendly people with outgoing personalities.

Harald’s story is also the occasion to provide the readers with lots of very traditional Neapolitan recipes, daily followed by the excellent bakers at “Il Barriciello” with over 100 years of experience!

A special mention goes to the pictures, which are stunning and offer a powerful image of my city.

This book managed to surpass my already extremely high expectations. It deserves 5 stars!

Anna Maria Covelli

Letto tutto d'un fiato


Questo libro è un’esplosione di sensazioni. In copertina padroneggia il nome della città che, più di tutte, avvolge e travolge chiunque abbia la fortuna di viverla, anche solo per poco tempo. Le braccia in alto, esperte e familiari, sono testimoni di un’arte rara, quella capace di creare sapori che evocano la storia, i ricordi, gli aneddoti e sembrano dare il benvenuto a chi ha voglia di gustare tutto ciò. È semplice allora sentire i profumi della cucina della signora Melina alle otto del mattino, immaginare i volti degli amici di Anita, appassionarsi alla storia della scelta del suo nome e passeggiare con lei ed Harald per le vie di Napoli, sorseggiando un buon caffè ed assaporando i meravigliosi piatti della tradizione, le cui ricette risultano egregiamente descritte nella parte centrale del libro.

In bocca al lupo Anita e… Takk assaje!!


In vacanza con Harald e Anita!


Leggendo questo libro ho avuto la sensazione di esser presente nel racconto. Le parole diventavano immagini, è stata una bella esperienza. Mi sono divertita leggendo le battute dei vari personaggi. Essendo io napoletana, posso dire che è proprio così! Anita ha ben descritto lo stile napoletano! Mi è venuta voglia di tornare in giro con Harald e Anita, mi piacerebbe un seguito!


Great book, amazing food, go Anita go!


Anita made a great work with this book! Great story, she tells us her life into a very interesting mode. Dishes and Italian food are very appetizing! The book shows very beautiful pictures to make we have an incredible voyage through Naples city and Anita’s family history. Very well done, I recommend to have this book!


Amazing book! For Norwegians and Italians!!!


Hi Anita, I have just read the narrative part of your amazing book. Additionally the day before yesterday I heard your interview in Italian about your awe-inspiring experience combining two (very) different cultures and two even contrasting approaches to life (the south European and the Scandinavian one).

You know I have been living in Vienna for 25 years after leaving the small town where I was born and not so far away from Naples (140 Km).

I wonder each time when I read traditional surveys in the Austrian press about things Austrians are proud of. Mozart? Sissi? Skiing? Mountains? … No! Cuisine! Yes, it sounds surprising, but the reason number 1 to be proud of being Austrian is – according to the Austrians themselves – the Austrian Cuisine! And a big contribution to this self-evaluation is the ex-imperial pastry-making (the traditional haute patisserie of the Kaiser-court).

Dear Anita, you are the personified evidence of the pride of each “napoletano verace” (genuine Neapolitan), a not common phenomenon in Italy (actually it applies only to Naples!)… a city that was the European capital of culture in XVIII century and a city where people, traditions, art, music and … cuisine are unique! Not only Pizza but – as you explain with passion and competence in your book – other delicious dishes and in particular pastry-making!

In my life I have been 25 years in Vienna and only 6 hours (SIX HOURS!!!) in Naples!!! After reading your book I think that I must have done something wrong in my life!!! Now there are two options, either visiting Naples and tasting in loco each delicious dish described in your book or… visiting you in Oslo! By airplane the distance from Vienna is the same!

I hope you are not offended if I will choose the first option so that I can visit my father and my relatives in my native small town as well.

However I am very happy for Norwegians because they get the chance to not only read your book but also to write to you in their language for recommendations and special tips!

Or…even better… to simply call you and say “Hey Anita, tomorrow I will invite my boss… let me do “bella figura” … cook for me a “spaghetto alla Luciana” and a “dolcissima Amalfi”.

I regret that there is nothing similar in Austria!!!

Dear Anita, best-in-class lawyer… best-in-class Chef!!!

Amedeo Ciaffone