Pastiera is fully the queen of Neapolitan sweets, so much so that it is the only Neapolitan dessert that is prepared in all homes as well as in pastry shops. Its particular texture – fragrant on the outside and soft and juicy on the inside -, the unmistakable taste – deriving from the perfect balance of all the heterogeneous ingredients that compose it – and the bucolic scent of wildflower water make the pastiera a real sensory experience that goes beyond just taste.

→ Further information and recipe on page 154 of my book “En matreise gjennom Napoli – Partenope incanta la Norvegia”


Dimensions / Portions / Price

  • 19cm / 6pp / 550,00 NOK
  • 21cm / 8pp / 700,00 NOK
  • 25cm / 12pp / 950,00 NOK

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